Abalone Farm

The I&J Danger Point Abalone Farm is located along the coast of South Africa about 200 kilometres south east Cape Town. The area is known as Danger Point because of the wild, untamed seas that proved hazardous to many ships of long ago. This pristine environment captures all the elements of the unspoilt wild.

It is in these ideal conditions that I&J’s team of marine biologists and engineers have integrated the world’s most advanced aquaculture systems, thereby perfecting the technique of growing prime abalone.

The farm has the capacity to produce more than 300 tonnes per annum with future projections well in excess of this volume. In addition to the farm, where primarily live abalone is produced, we have a factory which also produces secondary products such as canned, dried and frozen abalone. The sizeable harvest volume on a continuous basis and efficient shipment scheduling allow for all year round availability.

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