Grannies against Poverty and AIDS

Lighthouse & ripple effect

Grannies Against Poverty and AIDS is a self-help organisation that supports elderly woman through educational workshops and emotional support groups. As a result of HIV/AID and poverty the elderly woman are left as the sole bread winners bringing up orphaned grandchildren; nursing the dying and holding the family together – and GAPA provides a place of community; support groups for death and bereavement and coping skills for their own health and life situation; workshops to share information about HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, develop craft skills such as beadwork and knitting through which they can earn an income; learn business planning; vegetable gardening; drawing up a will and understanding the legal system and process of adoption.

Every year, I&J people and our customers and suppliers unite in a charity event to raise funds for GAPA which has financed the construction of the GAPA building in Khayelitcha as a place of community for Indabas and gatherings – and recently added new buildings when GAPA began a day-care centre which provides a much needed safe place for 250 children after school.

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