Respect for life & livelihood at sea

On any day of the year, at least 500 of our employees are at work out at sea – so I&J is committed to operations that protect their lives and is a long-standing platinum member of the National Sea Rescue Institute. The NSRI not only rescues people along the 2000 kilometers of the South African coastline but inland waters too – which is why the rescue crafts donated by I&J are stationed from Victoria Lake in Germiston to Aghulhas and Standfontien in the Cape; and to house the NSRI’s largest rescue vessel, I&J has built a state-of-the-art rescue station in Cape Town harbour.

This is over and above the substantial donation I&J makes without fail – which is essential to finance the infrastructure because the NSRI is run by over 900 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby day and night throughout the year. The NSRI is close to the hearts of all fishers & their families and I&J salutes them.

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