Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Giggles & courage – sometimes they go together

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital is a celebration of children – where any child requiring medical treatment can put their trust in people and a hospital dedicated to healing them. As the only dedicated children’s hospital in southern Africa, it has become a ‘beacon of hope’ – transformed from a dilapidated facility about to close its doors into a world-class medical facility, through the support of donors passionate about caring for children.

Since 1997, I&J has supported the Children’s Hospital Trust through donations and fund-raising , enabling the hospital to build a suite of consultation rooms, rebuild the Trauma Unit, refurbish the isolation ward essential to the Burn Unit patients and most recently, support the Child Speech and Hearing Programme.  With new equipment, materials and supplies and a custom-build audiology booth at the Mitchells Plain District Hospital and services provided at the Sarah Fox Children’s Hospital, facilities have been made available to intermediary hospitals to provide assessment, screening and rehabilitation to many more infants and children with speech and hearing difficulties – more importantly giving them a chance at normal development.

I&J will continue to support this crucial community cornerstone – because a chance at a happy, healthy childhood is invaluable. After all, it’s our little ones who will grow up to be our future great leaders.

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