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I&J Cape Abalone, Haliotis Midae, is reared in the pure coastal water of South Africa the farm has the capacity to produce over 300 tons per year. In addition to the farm, where primarily live abalone is produced, we have a factory which also produces canned and dried Abalone.

It is the natural kelp we feed our abalone that gives the product its exquisite taste, texture and colour. The meat is thick, soft and tender and its delicious, natural mouth watering taste has resulted in I&J Cape Abalone’s popularity among chef world-wide.

Live Abalone

Live I&J abalone is packed in polystyrene boxes, is available all year and shipped alive worldwide.


50 – 70 g per piece
70 – 90 g per piece
90 – 110 g per piece
110 – 150 g per piece
150 – 200 g per piece
200 – 300 g per piece


About 8 kg net weight

Canned Abalone - 425 g

Abalone is cleaned and lightly brined. All natural. No preservatives are added. Cans contain between four and 22 pieces per can.


425 g (213 g drained mass)


24 x 425 g
Outer carton dimensions: 303 x 206 x 221 mm

Canned Abalone - 850 g

Abalone is trimmed, cleaned and lightly brined.
No preservatives are added.
Can contain between two and five pieces per can.


850 g (425 g drained mass)


12 x 850 g
Outer carton dimensions: 310 x 207 x 245 mm

Dried Abalone

Abalone is cleaned and dried to the traditional Chinese method.
Raw material: abalone (Haliotis midae)


From 25 g per piece to 80g per piece


About 10 kg per master carton

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